Living on the Go

tve‘s India office and tve‘s Delhi-based Partner production company 24Frames, have produced ‘Living on the Go’. The short film explores issues around internal migration and climate change in Bangladesh and was commissioned by the Climate and Knowledge Development Network, CDKN.

The film follows the work of a joint team of researchers from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and University of Sussex, UK, who are looking at the impact of climate change on migration. Densely populated and low lying, Bangladesh is one of the 10 countries most vulnerable to the impacts of a changing global climate – cyclones, floods, erosion and drought are destroying the livelihoods for millions, forcing them to move. The research finds that migration and the remittances that migrants send back to their home villages are an important adaptation to flooding and drought and their work could help shape better public policy to offer more support to the poor communities who are finding ways to help themselves.