In the Eye of the Storm

Journalist and single mother Fadia Bazzeh was working as a news producer for the Lebanese channel New TV when Israeli warplanes bombed southern Lebanon in July 2006. Despite the danger, she volunteered to go and report from the frontline. When a colleague was killed in the bombing, Fadia was shocked but said it increased her […]

Earth Report | Changing Climates: The Politics

2001 has not been an auspicious year for international agreement on climate change. First, governments failed to emerge from the Hague climate conference with even a compromise. Next, the new US President, George W. Bush, reneged on his campaign commitment to curb CO2 emissions. This was followed by news that, as far as the new […]

Earth Report | Changing Climates: The Science

Since the industrial revolution sparked the widespead burning of fossil fuels, climatologists have been preoccupied with measuring the effect of carbon dioxide (CO2) on the Earth’s climate. In the first of our series of programmes on climate change, Earth Report takes a look back over 200 years of, sometimes confusing and contradictory, evolving scientific thought […]

Hands On 7 | Take it personally

This Hands On programme takes a personal view of how development can affect lives and livelihoods of people around the world. Ranging from the homeless on the streets of Hungary, to fish farmers in Vietnam and the poor tribal peoples of Nepal, innovative projects are transforming their lives. Visit our Hands On site for more […]

Hands On 6 | Green Beginnings

Over a third of the world’s food is grown in the gardens and plots within the town boundary. As agriculture gets bigger and more mechanised we grow fewer varieties. Its here in the garden where we can do our bit to promote diversity…not only in varieties grown but in taste. “Feed the world and nurture […]

Hands On 6 | Energy Matters

Over 2 billion people have no access to electricity. Around the world people are coming up with solutions, which not only meet some of their energy needs in a sustainable manner, but are also helping the environment. Anita Roddick introduces 5 stories which illustrate how this issue is being tackled. Visit our Hands On site […]

Hands On 6 | Health Matters

If you are rich the chances of you dying of a controllable disease like malaria are miniscule. People die sooner and suffer more when they are poor. In the rich world it is our lifestyle that is the main killer. Often it is a question of choice – junk food, smoking and lack of exercise […]

Hands On 5 | Packing a Punch

Social provisions, such as education and health care, are considered a basic human right. However, in some parts of the world, the basic needs of some marginalised communities are still left unattended. ‘Packing a Punch’ explores a series of World Bank projects that are attempting to include the previously excluded; to extend life’s basic necessities […]

Ca Va Aller?

Idrissa Ouedraogo’s magical drama tells the story of five -year old Madi who lives with his parents and baby brother in a remote village in Burkina Faso. Walking home with his mother Awa after she’s been collecting wood, Madi finds a turtle dove caught in a trap. He’s about to kill it, to put it […]

Survivre a Tout Prix

Set in a village in rural Burkina Faso, Fanta Regina Nacros’ moving documentary film follows the campaign by community health worker Kobo, and his midwife and health practitioner colleague Judith, to increase local parents’ awareness of the vital role that better nutrition, improved hygiene and bed-nets can play in helping keep their young children alive. […]