Earth Report | Changing Climates: The Politics

2001 has not been an auspicious year for international agreement on climate change. First, governments failed to emerge from the Hague climate conference with even a compromise. Next, the new US President, George W. Bush, reneged on his campaign commitment to curb CO2 emissions. This was followed by news that, as far as the new […]

Life | Paying the Price

In Uganda, in a hospital in the capital Kampala, 14-year-old Vincent is being treated for cryptoccocal meningitis, contracted as a result of AIDS. Underweight, frightened and wracked with pain, he is one of literally millions of AIDS orphans across Africa who will die in the next 10 years unless life-saving antiretroviral drugs become more widely […]

Life | Patents and Patients

Dr. Yusuf Hamied thinks the Indian government should put the country “on a war footing” to tackle the HIV/AIDS epidemic that threatens to decimate his country. As evidence, he cites the three and a half thousand new HIV/AIDS cases registered every day in India – and the forecasts of 35 million HIV-infected Indians by 2003. […]

Lord St John of Bletso appointed President of GSFA

Tuesday 26 May 2015: Two key figures in the field of international business and global environmental policy will be heading up tve’s 2015 awards for green business communications. Global business astrategist, Lord St John of Bletso is taking on the role of President of the tve Global Sustainability Film Awards 2015. Anthony St John is an […]

Life | The Doctor’s Story

In 2001 Dr. Gunraj Lohani took up residence in the local district hospital in Khotang, eastern Nepal, determined to bring change to the ailing local health services. For years, the lack of roads has hampered development and the brain drain to the cities has led to an acute shortage of professionals, especially doctors and nurses. […]

Life | Cheated of Childhood

St Petersburg was once the glittering capital of Russia. Today its magnificent metro stations have become home to a generation of street children who survive by begging, informal child labour or prostitution. The end of communism may have brought many positive economic changes in the lives of ordinary Russians, but it’s also led to soaring […]

Life | Slum Futures

Life goes to Mumbai, formerly Bombay, to investigate the city’s extraordinary slum culture. There is poverty and suffering but Mumbai’s slum dwellers are a vibrant and proud community. The city is also an important microcosm of how slums are developing around the world. We meet many characters. Sagira is a veteran of the streets. She’s […]

Life | Holding our Ground

Holding our Ground focuses on one of the most contested of the agreements hammered out at the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo in 1994 – reproductive rights. But 10 years after the Cairo agreement, these rights still appear to be far from universal. The programme features reports from: the Philippines, a country […]

Life | The Donor Circus

In the past, donors decided what the money was spent on and demanded a say in how the country’s economy was run. Now the Zambian government hopes that way of working may soon be a thing of the past. For years, Zambia was a one party state, led by Kenneth Kaunda, one of Africa’s more […]

Life | Cash Flow Fever

There have always been economic migrants – people who swap regions, countries, even continents, to find better wages to pay for a better life. One out of every ten people on the planet either sends or receives money from abroad. And unlike all other forms of financial aid that travel into developing countries, remittances go […]