Young filmmakers to put the spotlight on hepatitis in innovative tve project

On World Hepatitis Day global media charity tve announces the winners of four bursaries in India to help tackle, through film, one of the world’s most deadly diseases. As the World Health Organization urges countries to take rapid action to improve knowledge about hepatitis, ‘Films for Change: taking hepatitis science to communities through film’ harnesses […]

Earth Report | Waste not Waste

To mark the start of The International Year of Sanitation (2008), this Earth Report investigates the global sanitation crisis. Conventional sewer systems are not only an expensive way to provide sanitation, they also waste a lot of water and lose all the nutrients in human waste, rather than putting them to productive use. They’re also […]

Life on the Edge 2 | Darkness on the Edge of Town

Film director Arpád Bogdan took a fateful step, looking for his gypsy roots for the Life  series. Should he now stay in touch with his newfound family? And how should he react to the current political threats that face other Roma populations in Hungary today? Hungary’s fragile economy was badly hit by the economic crisis […]

Life on the Edge | Edge of Islam

On the Kenyan island of Lamu, three young Muslim men face a dilemma. Should they work for the rich foreign tourists who sunbathe on their beautiful beaches and buy up their local houses? If they don’t, they won’t be able to pay off the school fees they owe, and the exam certificates they’ve earned will […]

Life on the Edge | Looking for my Gypsy Roots

In Communist Hungary, many Roma, or ‘gypsy’, children were taken from their parents and brought up in grim state orphanages. Among them was Arpad Bogdan, whose experiences inspired his prize-winning feature film ‘Boldog új élet’ (Happy New Life). But Arpad still isn’t sure whether to embrace his gypsy roots, or whether he really belongs in […]

Life on the Edge | Dilemma of the White Ant

In northern Uganda, Esther Acan’s husband and five year old child were killed by LRA rebels and then she was forced to kill her baby as well. She wants at least the rebel commander to be punished, but the rest of the village say revenge will not solve their problems, and it is better to […]

Life on the Edge | The Unforgiven

In Liberia there have as yet been no decisions about whether anyone will be brought to justice for the horrific war crimes committed during its brutal 14-year civil war – a war in which hundreds of thousands of Liberians were killed, maimed and displaced. Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was set up in 2005 […]

Life on the Edge | The Prince

In Pakistan a feudal prince’s family has been making life hell for local villagers for centuries. Rafeh Malik inherited Ratrian, a village in Northern Punjab, on his 18th birthday, and he now realizes his land-owning caste has been living in the past. His friend has told him about the Millennium Development Goals, and the prince […]