Africa’s Child

Filmed in Benin, Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Africa’s Child introduces some of the key issues involved in child survival in sub-Saharan African countries.  It also highlights the work that UNICEF and its partners are doing to promote often simple, cost-effective interventions that can help halt child mortality across the continent. In Malawi – one of the poorest countries in Africa – the film shows the remarkable progress achieved by the Malawian government in cutting under-five child deaths. This has been by promoting exclusive breastfeeding, improved child nutrition and hygiene and sanitation.

The president of the West African country Benin, President Yayi Boni, demonstrates the vital role governments can play in pushing for higher child survival rates when he launches a nationwide campaign to distribute mosquito nets, vitamin A drops and de-worming tablets to families across the country. In the DRC, the film underlines the tragic consequences that ongoing civil conflict, displaced communities and sexual violence have on survival prospects for young children.

Directed: Jonathan Allen and Alex Gabbay
Produced: Enock Chinyenze, John Riber and Davina Rodrigues

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