Survivre a Tout Prix

Set in a village in rural Burkina Faso, Fanta Regina Nacros’ moving documentary film follows the campaign by community health worker Kobo, and his midwife and health practitioner colleague Judith, to increase local parents’ awareness of the vital role that better nutrition, improved hygiene and bed-nets can play in helping keep their young children alive. Mortality rates for under-fives year olds in Burkina Faso are high – with many children dying from common diseases like malaria, diarrhea and acute respiratory infections. Kobo and Judith show parents how to make enriched porridge from millet, groundnuts and beans, to help counter malnutrition and childhood anaemia, urge pregnant women to remember to attend ante-natal clinics at the local hospital, and organize a lively village drama to help reinforce the importance of children sleeping under bed-nets.

Directed: Fanta Regina Nacro

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TAGS: development health women & equality

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