Earth Report | Go with the Flow

In the Netherlands two out of three people already live below sea level. Faced with a further rise in sea level of up to 0.8 metres, the country is developing a radical national action plan that turns three centuries of flood engineering on its head. Soft engineering allows land to be sacrificed to rivers and […]

Life on the Edge 2 | The President’s Dilemma

One hundred days before world leaders gather in Copenhagen for the UN Climate Change Conference, this film highlights the dilemma facing one man in charge of a vanishing island state in the Pacific. The islands of Kiribati were among the last places to be colonized by mankind. Now climate change and rising sea levels mean […]

Reframing Rio | Looting the Pacific

It was one of the world’s last great fisheries, and a staple of the global food chain – the silvery fish called jack mackerel, or ‘jurel’ which thronged the South Pacific. But unnoticed by the rest of the world, jack mackerel stocks have crashed – declining by 90 percent in two decades as a result […]

Earth Report | Burning Bush

Earth Report travels to Indonesia where massive fires have been laying waste to vast areas of peat swamp forest, burning out of control both above ground – and below. Earth Report assesses the destruction and asks if anything can be done.

Earth Report | Unnatural Disasters

When a sea vanishes; when a cyclone takes thousands of lives; when a moist tropical forest ignites – we blame the weather. Whether human economic activity is causing more extreme weather conditions is still a matter of scientific uncertainty. What is in no doubt is that bad decisions have amplified human suffering and the economic […]

Earth Report | Race to Save the Sky

Brokered by UNEP, the 1987 Montreal Protocol was heavily criticised by environmental groups for not being tough enough. In Race to Save the Sky we find the world is on course to end the threat from ozone-depleting chemicals. But we also find that the first generation of alternatives are potent greenhouse agents. Now the race […]

Earth Report | The Angle on Hunger

Why are the world’s mountainous regions home to a disproportionate number of hungry people? Thin, easily eroded soils and harsh, unpredictable climates are the main reasons. In this programme in the Uphill Struggle series Earth Report travels from the High Andes to Ethiopia to find communities coping with hardship by blending traditional with modern farming […]

Can Polar Bears Tread Water?

Now that the Cold War is over, the world may have to grapple with the new, more insidious threat to global security posed by global climate change. At a time when the world population is expanding rapidly, a warmer climate threatens to reduce grain production from the United States, which supplies over 100 countries, by […]

Earth Report | Doomsday Vault

The Norwegian government has built an underground vault to guard against a major catastrophe – nuclear war, asteroid strikes or severe climate change. It’s a seed bank on a wild Arctic island 500 miles from the North Pole: a store for all the known varieties of the world’s crops – just in case.

Earth Reporters | 2 My City Your City

St Louis, Senegal’s historic former capital, is the city most threatened by rising sea levels in the whole of Africa. Every rainy season, thousands of people face upheaval from flood devastation. The city’s Mayor, Cheikh Mamadou Abiboulaye Dieye is our Earth Reporter. He shows us the problems in St Louis — and we follow him […]