Life in Slow Motion

A striking Nollywood drama, Tunde Kelani’s story is a morality tale about what’s known as the ‘Dutch effect’ – the fact that oil and other resource wealth has often been more of a curse than a blessing in African countries – and for the most vulnerable section of the population in particular. Jimi Bello, a […]

Pocket Wilderness

The Royal Forest of Dean, on the border of England and Wales, is an ancient forest providing a living for farmers, miners, charcoal makers and iron smelters. The forest, and the traditions of those living in it, has been preserved for more than a thousand years. But this small pocket of wilderness and these rights […]

Earth Report | Waste not Waste

To mark the start of The International Year of Sanitation (2008), this Earth Report investigates the global sanitation crisis. Conventional sewer systems are not only an expensive way to provide sanitation, they also waste a lot of water and lose all the nutrients in human waste, rather than putting them to productive use. They’re also […]

Life | How Green is my Valley?

In this programme, Life visits the valleys of Wales, where the coal and steel industries have left a legacy of ill health and unemployment. For every statistic on health and poverty, the Welsh Valleys top the charts for Western Europe. The highest rates for chronic emphysema, cancer, heart disease, asthma, poor housing and sanitation, low […]

Earth Report | To Dam or not to Dam?

Once upon a time there was a land where people needed drinking water, where cities needed electricity, and where crops needed irrigation. How could such a land satisfy its needs? Over 45,000 times in the last century a land such as this one decided to build some dams. But activists and many affected people now […]

Earth Report | Radioactive and Reeling

Following the 1986 nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl power station in the Ukraine, 70 per cent of the fallout landed on neighbouring Belarus. Suffering from severe and widespread radioactive contamination, the country that emerged from the breakup of the Soviet Union, remained isolated from the West under the cloak of a communist-style command economy. In […]

Hands On 5 | Green Currents

Access to adequate clean water continues to be a huge challenge for millions throughout the developing world. This film presents six innovative water-related projects: filtering lake water in Finland; developing pico-hydro power generating systems in the mountains of Vietnam; a simple solar water disinfection system in use in Brazil; designing a new tank for rainwater […]

Hands On 5 | Energetic

A programme looking at the world’s energy entrepreneurs: the work of REED, helping entrepreneurs to develop clean energy businesses; developing solar food preservation systems in Mali; a solar-based drier in Brazil to process pollen for health supplements; a credit scheme in Senegal allows farmers to buy and maintain wind-powered water pumps; in China, replacement fuel […]

Hands On 5 | A Switch in Time

Across Asia, development is happening at breakneck speed. Yet over a billion people still have no access to electricity. Most of them are the rural poor, who live far from the mains electricity grid. Lack of power places tight limits on education and on livelihoods. Off-grid solutions are an ideal way to bring electricity to […]

Hands On 7 | Energy Wise

Access to affordable, sustainable energy supplies is a growing concern around the world. This programme looks at successful enteprises that are providing some solutions to this problem: in Scotland, small-scale turbines put wind power within the reach of domestic users. In Sweden, the world’s first train to be run solely on biogas has been developed. […]