Hands On 6 | Green Beginnings

Over a third of the world’s food is grown in the gardens and plots within the town boundary. As agriculture gets bigger and more mechanised we grow fewer varieties. Its here in the garden where we can do our bit to promote diversity…not only in varieties grown but in taste. “Feed the world and nurture […]

Earth Report | Reservoir Raiders

 Reservoir Raiders With the on-going crisis in the Middle East, this week’s Earth Report takes a look at how controlling who has access to natural resources is as much a feature of conflict as bullets and bombs. Greening the desert For generations, Kayed Jaber’s family has farmed a valley near Hebron. Kayed and his brother […]

Earth Report | Rising Tides

In Devon, in the south west of England, the Braunton Burrows Biosphere Reserve covers a huge area of coast and countryside. It’s one of 531 biosphere reserves around the world designated by UNESCO as living laboratories which are providing new insights into the relationship between people and nature, and how we can prepare for environmental […]

Life on the Edge 2 | Moments of Truth

In 1984 Charles Stewart shot the first film to alert the world to the terrible famine taking place in Korem, in Ethiopia. It helped trigger the 1985 Live Aid concert, leading in turn to the largest public donation of aid from around the world ever seen. Now in his 70s, Charles and his partner Pat […]

Life on the Edge 3 | Looting the Seas

This film reveals a sorry saga of illegal overfishing that has led to plummeting tuna stocks worldwide. Co-produced by tve with the Washington-based ICIJ (International Consortium for Investigative Journalists), ‘Looting the Seas’ shows how a decade of fraud involving Mediterranean fisheries, European governments and foreign dealers has helped push Atlantic bluefin stocks to the brink […]

Earth Report | Stolen Fish 1

Illegal fishing is a multi million dollar business and one of the most serious threats to global fish stocks. In a 2-part programme Earth Report reveals the pirate fishing trawlers illegally plundering the seas off West Africa. In part one we visit local communities devastated by the activities of pirate vessels and watch as one […]

Reframing Rio | Looting the Pacific

It was one of the world’s last great fisheries, and a staple of the global food chain – the silvery fish called jack mackerel, or ‘jurel’ which thronged the South Pacific. But unnoticed by the rest of the world, jack mackerel stocks have crashed – declining by 90 percent in two decades as a result […]

Early Life | In the Footesteps of the Mayor: Brazil

Every year the Mina congregation in Sao Luis, Brazil, choose a child Emperor and Empress. Watching this year in the tropical heat – amid Afro-Catholic drumming and chanting – is Mayor Amilcar from Huamanga in Peru. With the new Brazilian government emphasizing Early Child Development, Amilcar want to know whether Latin America’s richest country can […]

Life on the Edge 2 | Hassan and the Graduates

Hassan’s a university graduate – his degree is in business. But he doesn’t commute to an office every day. His place of work is a farm 200 kilometres from Cairo. And it isn’t even land in the fertile Nile Delta. Strangely, it seems, Hassan has chosen to farm in the desert. He was tempted by […]

Life on the Edge 2 | Trawler Girl

Out at sea, Johanna’s running the show… Namibia’s first female trawler captain has a crew of 23. But it’s not so long since she was living in a shantytown, with no running water, a girl from the villages who used to walk 14 kilometres to school. Men are not used to a woman at the […]