Hands On 6 | Health Matters

If you are rich the chances of you dying of a controllable disease like malaria are miniscule. People die sooner and suffer more when they are poor. In the rich world it is our lifestyle that is the main killer. Often it is a question of choice – junk food, smoking and lack of exercise […]

Hands On 5 | Packing a Punch

Social provisions, such as education and health care, are considered a basic human right. However, in some parts of the world, the basic needs of some marginalised communities are still left unattended. ‘Packing a Punch’ explores a series of World Bank projects that are attempting to include the previously excluded; to extend life’s basic necessities […]

Survivre a Tout Prix

Set in a village in rural Burkina Faso, Fanta Regina Nacros’ moving documentary film follows the campaign by community health worker Kobo, and his midwife and health practitioner colleague Judith, to increase local parents’ awareness of the vital role that better nutrition, improved hygiene and bed-nets can play in helping keep their young children alive. […]

Life in Slow Motion

A striking Nollywood drama, Tunde Kelani’s story is a morality tale about what’s known as the ‘Dutch effect’ – the fact that oil and other resource wealth has often been more of a curse than a blessing in African countries – and for the most vulnerable section of the population in particular. Jimi Bello, a […]

The Sharing Day

Ten-year old Tabitha is an HIV positive orphan who lives with her Mainini (a Shona word for aunt) in a village in Zimbabwe. But embittered at being abandoned by her husband and worn out by the daily struggle to survive in Zimbabwe’s economic crisis, Mainini neglects Tabitha, and crucially fails to feed her the nutritious […]

Africa’s Child

Filmed in Benin, Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Africa’s Child introduces some of the key issues involved in child survival in sub-Saharan African countries.  It also highlights the work that UNICEF and its partners are doing to promote often simple, cost-effective interventions that can help halt child mortality across the continent. In […]

Life on the Edge 2 | Reclaim the Condom

Twenty-two year old Sheila is a trained ‘agony aunt’. In her office at the North East Secondary school in Maputo, she listens to students’ stories about love, sex, birth control and AIDS, and offers advice and free condoms. But out of 8,000 students, only 40 or 50 come to collect the condoms on offer. The […]

Life | Brazil: Winning against AIDS

HIV/AIDS sufferers in Brazil today get the same treatment as HIV/AIDS sufferers in the USA and Europe – the same, free ‘triple cocktail’ of anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs, the same clinical care, the same monitoring. So perhaps it’s unsurprising then that Brazil’s HIV/AIDS patients have proved just as capable of taking their medicines on time as […]

Life | How Green is my Valley?

In this programme, Life visits the valleys of Wales, where the coal and steel industries have left a legacy of ill health and unemployment. For every statistic on health and poverty, the Welsh Valleys top the charts for Western Europe. The highest rates for chronic emphysema, cancer, heart disease, asthma, poor housing and sanitation, low […]

Life | The Great Health Service Swindle

The health services of the richer countries are hugely dependent on nurses and doctors from developing countries, attracted by better salaries and the higher standard of living. For over 40 years there’s been a trickle of Ghanaian nurses to the English-speaking developed world. One widely quoted source says almost two thousand nurses left the country […]