Earth Report | Reservoir Raiders

 Reservoir Raiders With the on-going crisis in the Middle East, this week’s Earth Report takes a look at how controlling who has access to natural resources is as much a feature of conflict as bullets and bombs. Greening the desert For generations, Kayed Jaber’s family has farmed a valley near Hebron. Kayed and his brother […]

Life on the Edge IV | Kung Fu Nuns

Kunzang amazed her parents by leaving home to become a Drukpa nun, the Buddhist religion named in honour of dragons. But that was only a start – now she’s learned Kung Fu, and is even leading the nuns in performing the ancient Dragon Dance itself. For centuries the Drukpa nuns, high in the Indian Himalayas, […]

Life | Without Rights

Khaled is just one of 10,000 Palestinian refugees who live in Dheisheh, one of the cramped refugee camps in Bethlehem. “It’s the holiest place in the world,” he says, “but it’s the worst now for human rights. I can’t leave. I can’t work. I can’t talk even. I can’t do anything I want.” Like Khaled, […]

Life | Roma Rights

Roma communities in Europe have been subjected to centuries of persecution and racism. They are one of the most excluded groups in the world. They are denied the chance to work, proper housing, healthcare and their children refused a decent education. But a new initiative – the Decade of Roma Inclusion – was launched on […]

Early Life | In the Footesteps of the Mayor: Brazil

Every year the Mina congregation in Sao Luis, Brazil, choose a child Emperor and Empress. Watching this year in the tropical heat – amid Afro-Catholic drumming and chanting – is Mayor Amilcar from Huamanga in Peru. With the new Brazilian government emphasizing Early Child Development, Amilcar want to know whether Latin America’s richest country can […]

Life on the Edge | Three Sisters

Young Eritrean women like Commander Belainesh have fought in two wars, and been pioneers for women’s rights. From the early 1970s, tens of thousands of girls from poor, conservative Muslim and Christian families were enlisted by the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front and integrated into the ranks as bona fide fighters. For 35 years they fought […]

Earth Report | Wealth and Wilderness

In the rain-soaked forests of southern Chile there are trees that were saplings at the dawn of the Iron Age. Eco-philanthropist Doug Tompkins sold up the clothing firm, Esprit, and invested a large chunk of his fortune in buying up the last of the old growth forest here to create Pumalin Park, the largest privately-owned […]

Gene Hunters

Could DNA from the blood of indigenous peoples hold the secret of new drugs to treat ravaging human diseases like AIDS or motor neurone disease? Genetic scientists working on the worldwide Human Genome Biodiversity Project believe it’s possible, and in the remote rainforests of northern Colombia they’re collecting blood from the Ahuaco and Asario Indians […]