Life | The Other Side

Over the last century hundreds of thousands of Mexicans have crossed the border to the United States in pursuit of jobs, and a better life. But in the new millennium, that journey to the other side has become increasingly dangerous – and the costs are starting to outweigh the benefits. This Life programme reveals the […]

Life | The Great Health Service Swindle

The health services of the richer countries are hugely dependent on nurses and doctors from developing countries, attracted by better salaries and the higher standard of living. For over 40 years there’s been a trickle of Ghanaian nurses to the English-speaking developed world. One widely quoted source says almost two thousand nurses left the country […]

Life | Cash Flow Fever

There have always been economic migrants – people who swap regions, countries, even continents, to find better wages to pay for a better life. One out of every ten people on the planet either sends or receives money from abroad. And unlike all other forms of financial aid that travel into developing countries, remittances go […]

Life on the Edge | Castro or Quit?

Yurani and Florencio are old friends with the same dilemma – whether to leave the country they love. They’re both Venezuelan doctors and strongly approve of President Hugo Chavez’s desire to help the poor. But they fear the way he’s doing it will lead to class warfare. And they’re not alone; here it’s the middle […]