Earth Report | Go with the Flow

In the Netherlands two out of three people already live below sea level. Faced with a further rise in sea level of up to 0.8 metres, the country is developing a radical national action plan that turns three centuries of flood engineering on its head. Soft engineering allows land to be sacrificed to rivers and […]

Life on the Edge 2 | The President’s Dilemma

One hundred days before world leaders gather in Copenhagen for the UN Climate Change Conference, this film highlights the dilemma facing one man in charge of a vanishing island state in the Pacific. The islands of Kiribati were among the last places to be colonized by mankind. Now climate change and rising sea levels mean […]

Life on the Edge 3 | Looting the Seas

This film reveals a sorry saga of illegal overfishing that has led to plummeting tuna stocks worldwide. Co-produced by tve with the Washington-based ICIJ (International Consortium for Investigative Journalists), ‘Looting the Seas’ shows how a decade of fraud involving Mediterranean fisheries, European governments and foreign dealers has helped push Atlantic bluefin stocks to the brink […]

Earth Report | Stolen Fish 2

In the second of two programmes we learn some of the tricks of the trade as pirate vessels hide their identity behind flags of convenience and see how illegally caught fish are smuggled into Europe. Produced in conjunction with EJF and Greenpeace.

Earth Report | Stolen Fish 1

Illegal fishing is a multi million dollar business and one of the most serious threats to global fish stocks. In a 2-part programme Earth Report reveals the pirate fishing trawlers illegally plundering the seas off West Africa. In part one we visit local communities devastated by the activities of pirate vessels and watch as one […]

Reframing Rio | Looting the Pacific

It was one of the world’s last great fisheries, and a staple of the global food chain – the silvery fish called jack mackerel, or ‘jurel’ which thronged the South Pacific. But unnoticed by the rest of the world, jack mackerel stocks have crashed – declining by 90 percent in two decades as a result […]

Earth Report | Drinking the Sky

In ‘Drinking the Sky’, Dutch filmmaker Joost de Haas travels first to the wettest place on earth, then the driest. In Cherapunjee, north-east India during the Monsoon, more than twice as much rain falls in one day than falls on Holland over an entire year. For an extreme contrast, de Haas then travelled to Chile, […]

Earth Report | Still Waters

This Earth Report explores the vital role that wetlands play in sustaining human life. The rivers, marshes and lakes of the world help us by purifying and storing fresh water. Two thirds of all fish catches depend on wetland areas – without them the world’s fisheries would collapse, causing unimaginable hardship for some of the […]

Earth Report | White Gold Part 2

From Australia to Norway, from Mauritius to Spain and across great expanses of the Southern Ocean, Earth Report has conducted a remarkable undercover investigation into the destruction of a species known as the Patagonian toothfish. Called ‘bass’ on commercial markets, its white flesh is so succulent it fetches the highest prices. In Part Two of […]

Earth Report | White Gold Part 1

Earth Report travels the globe to document the destruction of an unlikely named species: the Patagonian toothfish. Better known as ‘bass’ on the lucrative Japanese and New York fish markets, the toothfish with its white succulent flesh makes for such good eating that it fetches astronomical prices. It is so prized that pirates, who fish […]