Hands On 7 | Take it personally

This Hands On programme takes a personal view of how development can affect lives and livelihoods of people around the world. Ranging from the homeless on the streets of Hungary, to fish farmers in Vietnam and the poor tribal peoples of Nepal, innovative projects are transforming their lives. Visit our Hands On site for more […]

Hands On 6 | Health Matters

If you are rich the chances of you dying of a controllable disease like malaria are miniscule. People die sooner and suffer more when they are poor. In the rich world it is our lifestyle that is the main killer. Often it is a question of choice – junk food, smoking and lack of exercise […]

Ca Va Aller?

Idrissa Ouedraogo’s magical drama tells the story of five -year old Madi who lives with his parents and baby brother in a remote village in Burkina Faso. Walking home with his mother Awa after she’s been collecting wood, Madi finds a turtle dove caught in a trap. He’s about to kill it, to put it […]


Licinio Azevedo’s powerful story focuses on the struggle of young widow, Cecilia Xavier Cumanio, to raise her four children on her own – in the face of the traditional oppression against widows still practiced in Mozambique today. When Cecilia’s husband is killed in an accident in South Africa, her father-in-law accuses her of responsibility for […]

Life in Slow Motion

A striking Nollywood drama, Tunde Kelani’s story is a morality tale about what’s known as the ‘Dutch effect’ – the fact that oil and other resource wealth has often been more of a curse than a blessing in African countries – and for the most vulnerable section of the population in particular. Jimi Bello, a […]

The Sharing Day

Ten-year old Tabitha is an HIV positive orphan who lives with her Mainini (a Shona word for aunt) in a village in Zimbabwe. But embittered at being abandoned by her husband and worn out by the daily struggle to survive in Zimbabwe’s economic crisis, Mainini neglects Tabitha, and crucially fails to feed her the nutritious […]

‘…the letter the children sent to God said…’

A poignant insight into the impact that growing inequality in South Africa is having on children’s prospects in poor communities in rural Kwa Zulu Natal, Khalo Matabane’s film uses handheld cameras to record the daily lives of 11 year old Bonothile Zondi, and 7 year old orphaned Sihle Ngubane and their extended families We see […]

Eden Reborn

They called this the Garden of Eden. That powerful myth arose here in the marshes of Southern Iraq where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet. Once the largest wetland in Southwest Asia, Saddam Hussein destroyed the marshes in the early 1990s. It was an act compounded by Iraq’s neighbours damming the rivers that feed the […]

Earth Report | Reservoir Raiders

 Reservoir Raiders With the on-going crisis in the Middle East, this week’s Earth Report takes a look at how controlling who has access to natural resources is as much a feature of conflict as bullets and bombs. Greening the desert For generations, Kayed Jaber’s family has farmed a valley near Hebron. Kayed and his brother […]

Early Life | In the Footesteps of the Mayor: Peru

Warned that the child he’s talked to will grow up poor and violent, Mayor Amilcar Huancahuari sighs. If only we could start young, he believes, we’d have a better chance of a peaceful and prosperous world. We need to keep young children away from violence, and develop their brains from birth. But is that just […]