Life | Kill or Cure?

For over a decade, India has been the powerhouse behind low cost drugs for the developing world, especially Africa and Asia. India’s $4.5 billion pharmaceutical industry is now at a crossroads following a new law introduced in January 2005. It’s opened a highly charged debate, with opinion split right down the middle. Life has been […]

Life | Cash Flow Fever

There have always been economic migrants – people who swap regions, countries, even continents, to find better wages to pay for a better life. One out of every ten people on the planet either sends or receives money from abroad. And unlike all other forms of financial aid that travel into developing countries, remittances go […]

Hands On 5 | Source to Sale

It’s reckoned that the lives of more than 1.8 billion people, worldwide, could be improved by giving them access to basic financial services like loans. This week’s Hands On looks at innovative schemes to stimulate private enterprise: using handheld computers to manage microenterprise projects in Albania; developing a market for Burkina Faso mangoes in the […]

Earth Report | Is Green the New Black?

On the catwalks of the world, eco-fashion is all the rage. Organic cotton and recycled clothing are part of a new green lifestyle. But is this a niche market for the wealthy and environmentally-conscious or can green fashion break into the mass market clothing industry?

Future Food | 5 Nigeria: Near or Far?

Near or Far? Nigerian Minister for Agriculture, Akinwunmi Ayo Adesina believes it is his job to ensure Nigerians eat food grown in Nigeria – and he’s determined to overcome the obstacles to Nigerian self-sufficiency in food production. He has also provoked a debate – on a globalized planet should countries like Nigeria really try to […]

Future Food | 3 USA: Big or Small?

In Big or Small?, Future Food travels to the American mid-west to meet Vietnam veteren and farmer, Ron Meyer. When he isn’t farming his 400 acres and 40 cattle, he is battling big agribusiness, which is squeezing small farmers out of the Nebraska Plains. Ron fears that if the small farms disappear, so will the […]