Hands On 7 | Take it personally

This Hands On programme takes a personal view of how development can affect lives and livelihoods of people around the world. Ranging from the homeless on the streets of Hungary, to fish farmers in Vietnam and the poor tribal peoples of Nepal, innovative projects are transforming their lives. Visit our Hands On site for more […]

Life | City Life

By 2007 more people will live in cities and towns than in the countryside. For the first time in history, human experience will be predominantly urban rather than rural. It’s a shift that took over two centuries in the industrialised world, but has taken less than half that time in developing countries – bringing massive […]

Life | Cheated of Childhood

St Petersburg was once the glittering capital of Russia. Today its magnificent metro stations have become home to a generation of street children who survive by begging, informal child labour or prostitution. The end of communism may have brought many positive economic changes in the lives of ordinary Russians, but it’s also led to soaring […]

Life on the Edge | Three Sisters

Young Eritrean women like Commander Belainesh have fought in two wars, and been pioneers for women’s rights. From the early 1970s, tens of thousands of girls from poor, conservative Muslim and Christian families were enlisted by the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front and integrated into the ranks as bona fide fighters. For 35 years they fought […]

Life on the Edge | No Country for Young Girls

As India’s economy booms and its international influence soars, the status of women is falling behind that of many other countries, while the growing availability of sex selection technology is leading to some of the most distorted gender ratios in the world. Vaijanti lives in the city of Agra. She’s left her husband after his […]

Life on the Edge 2 | Scent of the Streets

Every big city has gangs of young people on the margins… in Lagos, Nigeria, it’s the Area Boys, bands of children and teenagers who scratch a living from petty crime and the informal economy. But when you’re an Area Girl, life can be even tougher… especially in Lagos’ teeming Ajegunle ghetto. Onyinye (18), Gift (22) […]

Life on the Edge 2 | Biker Boys of Dirt Island

Boniface is trying to convince his friend Kama to turn straight and think about the future. But in a slum like Nairobi’s Korogocho, where life is lived on the edge, is his mission possible? Boniface is one of the founders of the motorcycle boys, a team of young men who used to steal from their […]

Earth Reporters | 2 My City Your City

St Louis, Senegal’s historic former capital, is the city most threatened by rising sea levels in the whole of Africa. Every rainy season, thousands of people face upheaval from flood devastation. The city’s Mayor, Cheikh Mamadou Abiboulaye Dieye is our Earth Reporter. He shows us the problems in St Louis — and we follow him […]

Future Food | 6 China: Stay or Go?

Stay or Go? Social media agency, Resonance is based in Shanghai’s trendy French concession area. The metropolis is also a draw for a new generation of young Chinese who are leaving rural areas in droves to live in the cities. So if the young are leaving the land who’s now going to grow the country’s […]

Life Apps | Favela Farm: Brazil

Pedro is part of a collective of young people in Rio de Janeiro working on new mobile phone technology. He visits young people in Rio’s North Zone who lives in Mar and Alemao favelas to learn about their lives, and research the possibilities for new ‘apps’ that can help with green business initiatives in the […]