Africa’s Child

Filmed in Benin, Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Africa’s Child introduces some of the key issues involved in child survival in sub-Saharan African countries.  It also highlights the work that UNICEF and its partners are doing to promote often simple, cost-effective interventions that can help halt child mortality across the continent. In […]

Earth Report | Reservoir Raiders

 Reservoir Raiders With the on-going crisis in the Middle East, this week’s Earth Report takes a look at how controlling who has access to natural resources is as much a feature of conflict as bullets and bombs. Greening the desert For generations, Kayed Jaber’s family has farmed a valley near Hebron. Kayed and his brother […]

Guns and Damsels

Amidst Britain’s sprawling industrial developments and urban expansion there exist secret pockets of perfectly preserved natural areas. But these unspoilt wild habitats are to be found in the most unlikely of places: in the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) military ranges. Earth Report finds out how species long vanished from most of Britain’s countryside are […]

Life on the Edge | The Elephants’ Dream of Peace

As the World Cup 2010 gets under way, Life on the Edge turns the camera on another top African football star – Didier Drogba, Chelsea striker and captain of the Ivory Coast team. The Elephants are competing in South Africa wearing their distinctive orange strip, but across the other side of the continent Ivorians are […]

Life on the Edge | How to Become a President

They say that soccer and politics never mix, but what happens when they do? In Liberia, former World Player of the Year George Weah first ran for president in 2005, a year after the country’s bloody civil war had ended. He lost out to current President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Now he’s studying in America to […]

Life | At the End of a Gun: Women and War

Druki Martenstyne’s son Jason died in September 1995. Her other son, Cedric, went missing in January 1996. “I know the pain,” she says. “I’ve suffered my son dying, and that we can accept – we can move on and go back to our memories. But not knowing is something very, very difficult. Some people say […]

Life | Without Rights

Khaled is just one of 10,000 Palestinian refugees who live in Dheisheh, one of the cramped refugee camps in Bethlehem. “It’s the holiest place in the world,” he says, “but it’s the worst now for human rights. I can’t leave. I can’t work. I can’t talk even. I can’t do anything I want.” Like Khaled, […]

Life on the Edge | Dilemma of the White Ant

In northern Uganda, Esther Acan’s husband and five year old child were killed by LRA rebels and then she was forced to kill her baby as well. She wants at least the rebel commander to be punished, but the rest of the village say revenge will not solve their problems, and it is better to […]

Life on the Edge | The Unforgiven

In Liberia there have as yet been no decisions about whether anyone will be brought to justice for the horrific war crimes committed during its brutal 14-year civil war – a war in which hundreds of thousands of Liberians were killed, maimed and displaced. Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was set up in 2005 […]

Life on the Edge | Three Sisters

Young Eritrean women like Commander Belainesh have fought in two wars, and been pioneers for women’s rights. From the early 1970s, tens of thousands of girls from poor, conservative Muslim and Christian families were enlisted by the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front and integrated into the ranks as bona fide fighters. For 35 years they fought […]