Survivre a Tout Prix

Set in a village in rural Burkina Faso, Fanta Regina Nacros’ moving documentary film follows the campaign by community health worker Kobo, and his midwife and health practitioner colleague Judith, to increase local parents’ awareness of the vital role that better nutrition, improved hygiene and bed-nets can play in helping keep their young children alive. […]


Licinio Azevedo’s powerful story focuses on the struggle of young widow, Cecilia Xavier Cumanio, to raise her four children on her own – in the face of the traditional oppression against widows still practiced in Mozambique today. When Cecilia’s husband is killed in an accident in South Africa, her father-in-law accuses her of responsibility for […]

The Sharing Day

Ten-year old Tabitha is an HIV positive orphan who lives with her Mainini (a Shona word for aunt) in a village in Zimbabwe. But embittered at being abandoned by her husband and worn out by the daily struggle to survive in Zimbabwe’s economic crisis, Mainini neglects Tabitha, and crucially fails to feed her the nutritious […]

Africa’s Child

Filmed in Benin, Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Africa’s Child introduces some of the key issues involved in child survival in sub-Saharan African countries.  It also highlights the work that UNICEF and its partners are doing to promote often simple, cost-effective interventions that can help halt child mortality across the continent. In […]

Life on the Edge 2 | Silk Ceiling part 2

Indian TV journalist Ritu Bhardawaj reckons that the dancing girls have a special insight into the plight of women. That’s because they’re really men, dressed up for the Navratri festivities in the Indian state of Bihar. Ritu is visiting Bihar to continue her report on the ‘Silk Ceiling’ – the invisible barrier which confronts so […]

Life on the Edge 2 | Silk Ceiling part 1

In New Delhi, Ritu Bhardawaj is a star to the neighbourhood children. Not only does she help with their homework, but she’s also a glamorous TV reporter. For young Indian girls like Kiran and Monika, she’s a role model – at 25, a small town girl from Haryana state, in a society that doesn’t favour […]

Life on the Edge 2 | Reclaim the Condom

Twenty-two year old Sheila is a trained ‘agony aunt’. In her office at the North East Secondary school in Maputo, she listens to students’ stories about love, sex, birth control and AIDS, and offers advice and free condoms. But out of 8,000 students, only 40 or 50 come to collect the condoms on offer. The […]

Life on the Edge IV | Kung Fu Nuns

Kunzang amazed her parents by leaving home to become a Drukpa nun, the Buddhist religion named in honour of dragons. But that was only a start – now she’s learned Kung Fu, and is even leading the nuns in performing the ancient Dragon Dance itself. For centuries the Drukpa nuns, high in the Indian Himalayas, […]

Life | At the End of a Gun: Women and War

Druki Martenstyne’s son Jason died in September 1995. Her other son, Cedric, went missing in January 1996. “I know the pain,” she says. “I’ve suffered my son dying, and that we can accept – we can move on and go back to our memories. But not knowing is something very, very difficult. Some people say […]

Life | Roma Rights

Roma communities in Europe have been subjected to centuries of persecution and racism. They are one of the most excluded groups in the world. They are denied the chance to work, proper housing, healthcare and their children refused a decent education. But a new initiative – the Decade of Roma Inclusion – was launched on […]