tve and the London Grid for Learning

For the past two years, tve has been reaching out to schools across London, thanks to a successful partnership with the London Grid for Learning. Since 2014, we have collaborated on producing three multimedia schools resources using film to engage and inspire school children across London about the environment and development. The London Grid for Learning (LGfL) is a consortium of the London local authorities and 2,500 schools working together to provide extensive and cost effective ICT services and a comprehensive range of premium learning resources. Over a million school children have access to the films and resources.

Launched in 2014, the exciting tve: Relay resource combines films, worksheets, facts, teachers’ notes and a video platform for secondary school students to engage with all things environmental. tve: Relay is based around 22 films made by young people across the globe to coincide with the London Olympics. In a series supported by Bloomberg, filmmakers created a series of short, punchy and engaging films and animations on issues from bees to climate change to rubbish collection. In addition to engaging in five thought-provoking lessons, young Londoners can now make and upload their own videos about the environment on the London Grid for Learning site. tve: Relay is ideal for cross-curricular projects in Citizenship, Geography, English, Media, ICT and Art and Design.

Real Voices went live on LGfL in May 2015. This resource focuses on the experiences of Syrian refugees and gives students an understanding of the war in Syria, the plight of people fleeing the conflict and the tools they need to take action. It includes three short films interviewing Syrian refugees living in Jordan, in which they talk about their experiences having to leave home, their journey and life in a refugee camp. The films were originally produced by tve as part of the DEC’s Syria Appeal. The activities in this new resource support the teaching of the National Curriculum for KS3 Geography. Links can also be made to History, Art and Design, and Citizenship.

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In February 2016, tve and LGfL’s largest collaborative project Growing Up Around the World was launched. tve has followed the lives of 11 children in 10 different countries for more than 20 years in the wake of the Rio Earth Summit. The films in this resource provide a unique insight into growing up around the world; the challenges, hopes and dreams of these children. They also show how the world around them has changed and the impact that has had. Growing up around the World focuses on building students’ empathy and understanding of situations to develop knowledge and encourage research and critical thinking. Students are inspired to think globally and delve into the topic of human rights. The activities in this resource support the teaching of the National Curriculum for KS2 and KS3 Geography and Citizenship/PSHE. Links can also be made to History, Art and Design, and Citizenship.

London Grid for Learning links

The links below go through to the relevant resources pages on the London Grid for Learning website.  Only members of the consortium (school subsribers in London) can access these resources.