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Sparking Change though Storytelling

tve is more than just a name - it's a mission. We're a UK-registered charity using the power of storytelling to drive real-world change for a more sustainable future. Founded in 1984 by the United Nations Environment Programme, WWF-UK, and Central Independent Television (now part of ITV), we've been amplifying the voices of the planet for over 40 years.

tve works with filmmakers and partners worldwide to make and distribute films that put the environment and sustainability on the global agenda. From aspiring filmmakers documenting the challenge of e-waste disposal to major corporations showcasing innovation, we help to give a voice and a platform to a new generation of filmmakers who want to see a greener and fairer world. Our films inspire change.

Our films have reached hundreds of millions of viewers through broadcasts on major networks like BBC World News, online platforms like YouTube, and screenings at events. We also work with local partners to ensure our content resonates with diverse audiences, from policymakers to grassroots communities.


We believe powerful narratives can bridge the gap between environmental challenges and solutions. That's why we work with filmmakers and partners worldwide to produce impactful documentaries, short films, and online content that:

Shine a light on critical environmental issues like climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution.

Showcase innovative solutions and success stories from communities around the globe.

Inspire and empower audiences to take action for a healthier planet.


Reaching the world, one screen at a time !

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Our Team 
London, UK. 6th November 2023. TVE - The 12th CSFA Ceremony and Gala dinner in celebrating Diwali and supporting films that address the climate crisis. Photo by See Li/Picture Capital
Mei Sim Lai OBE Dl

     Surina Narula 

Karma Wangdi
       Head Of Operations
Dr Seema Solanki 

Programme Director

       Pratik Gupta

    Social Media Manager
Vinay Thakur
Video Producer