Our Global Commons – Films for GEF

A series of short films produced with GEF highlighting the value of the Global Commons – planet earth’s natural assets of land, oceans, terrestrial ecosystems and atmosphere.

tve has worked with GEF to produce Our Global Commons, a series of 5-minute films looking at how we can protect the planet’s vital shared resources of climate, oceans, land and ecosystems. The Global Commons are the basis for all life on Earth but our current economic model is stretching them to breaking point. The series explores how we can transform our economies to protect the natural assets which support life on Earth. Filmed in Africa, Asia and Latin America the films explore land restoration; sustainable cities; halting deforestation, protecting biodiversity and the oceans; producing sustainable commodity crops and better business and farming practice; tackling plastic pollution and building a circular economy. The films showcase initiatives that are delivering positive change to people’s lives and a more sustainable planet.

Our Global Commons – The Circular Economy: Tackling Marine Plastic

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Every minute of every day the equivalent of a truck load of plastic reaches the oceans. This is the result of our ‘take, make, waste’, economic model in which 75% of all the plastic ever produced has been thrown away, polluting the oceans and harming wildlife and people. In its latest 4-year investment cycle GEF is investing in projects that can radically transform our linear economic system into a circular economy in which waste is eliminated from the production cycle.

Protecting Land and Livelihoods in Madagascar

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Our Global Commons: Sustainable Land Management

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Our Global Commons: Sustainable Cities

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Our Global Commons: Protecting Coasts and Oceans

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Halting Deforestation

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