ResponSEAble – ocean dialogues

ResponSEAble – Interviews with marine professionals

Working with ResponSEAble, a major 15-partner European ocean science and citizen engagement project, tve filmed activities and attendees at the #OceanDialogues2019 conference in Brussels in May 2019.

The conference was a joint event between the H2020 research projects MARINA and ResponSEAble – in cooperation with the European Parliament – SEARICA intergroup & IOC-UNESCO – on the role of Ocean Literacy (OL) and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in supporting effective Ocean Governance.

The aim of the Ocean Dialogues 2019 was to identify solutions for the development of a sound ocean knowledge system that could support effective ocean governance, by addressing challenges such as engagement, co-creation and shared responsibility. Working at the interface between society, policy and science, the event fed into ongoing ocean-related knowledge and management initiative.

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