Climate and development films

Three films commissioned by CDKN on climate and development research and policy initiatives in South Asia and Africa.

Living on the Go explores issues around internal migration and climate change in Bangladesh.  The filmmakers follow a group of researchers from Bangladesh and the UK as they investigate how climate change is causing people to migrate within Bangladesh, as a way of coping.  Some families, exasperated by the damage to croplands, decide to migrate to inland cities for good, while others try their hand at seasonal work in the city, returning to their home village every few weeks or months.

Working toards safe and secure water in Uganda

Screened at COP 21 in Paris Remapping Uganda’s Future examines the economic benefits of responding to climate change.  As Uganda experiences the impacts of climate variability and associated economic losses, this film hear from the Government of Uganda, researchers and people living in 3 different communities about the economic impacts of climate change.

Safe and Secure Water For Uganda looks at the impact of climate change on water and health.  The film follow the introduction of a payment-by-results (PBR) pilot system in rural Uganda, whereby local private sector professionals earn an income from preventive maintenance and hygiene promotion services.