The Life series of thirty 24-minute programs tackles the issue of globalization and its effect on ordinary people in countries throughout the world. In 1995, there was a meeting of the world’s leaders in Copenhagen called the Social Summit. The group promised action on poverty, employment and social integration — pledging governments to deliver greater social justice to the world’s six billion inhabitants.

But in the five years since Copenhagen, the gap between the rich and the poor actually widened, while development assistance from the industrialized donor countries went into sharp decline. The global economy and technological advancement are progressing hand in hand, but a mere few are monopolizing its rewards.

The Life series takes us to India, Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, Mexico, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands, and the United States to examine the problems that the global economy is continuing, if not propagating for billions of people. The films suggest that everyone on this planet has a social responsibility to everyone else, and that all should be afforded the same human rights and a share in the fruits of the new world economy.

Life Series: 

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